Singo – Music Bingo:
Every Wednesday at 6:30pm

Banditos Fairfax

Looking for a fun and interactive way to enjoy your Wednesday nights? Join us at Banditos Tacos and Tequila in Fairfax for Singo – Music Bingo! Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM, we turn up the volume and test your musical knowledge with a unique twist on traditional bingo.

What is Singo?

Singo is an exciting game that combines the thrill of bingo with your favorite tunes. Instead of numbers, we use songs! Mark off the songs on your Singo card as they play, and be the first to shout “Singo!” to win fantastic prizes.


Join Us:

When & Where:  Banditos Tacos and Tequila in Fairfax every Wednesday from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM for Singo – Music Bingo.

Great Prizes: Win amazing prizes with each round of Singo.

Delicious Food and Drinks: Enjoy our mouth-watering tacos, tequila, and a wide selection of drinks.

Fun Atmosphere: Gather your friends, family, and fellow music lovers for a night of laughs and entertainment.

It’s the perfect blend of music, fun, and great company. See you there!

June 2024 Lineup: Genres for Every Music Lover

Each Monday, we’re mixing things up with different music genres to keep things fresh and exciting.

June 3, 2024: Boogie Nights; Clubbin’ in the 90’s Vol. 2 Get ready to dance the night away with disco hits followed by a nostalgic trip to the 90s club scene.

June 10, 2024: 2000’s Party Mix Vol. 2; Singo: Total Eclipse Party to the best hits of the 2000s and experience a musical journey with Singo: Total Eclipse.

June 19, 2024: Classic Rock Vol. 1; Party Starter Vol. 1 Rock out to timeless classic rock tunes and get the party started with high-energy hits.

June 26, 2024: Pride Theme

July Lineup: More Music, More Fun

July 3, 2024: Millennial Mix; Independence Day Celebrate Independence Day with a mix of millennial favorites and patriotic anthems.

July 10, 2024: Disco Nights; 2000’s Party Mix Vol. 3 Groove to disco classics and keep the party going with more hits from the 2000s.

July 17, 2024: I Want My MTV; Modern Pop Vol. 1 Enjoy a night of MTV-era favorites and the latest pop sensations.

July 24, 2024: Wacky Wednesday; British Invasion Experience a quirky mix of fun tunes and the best of British rock and pop.

July 31, 2024: Songs From the Movies; Most Overplayed Songs Ever Sing along to iconic movie songs and laugh at the most overplayed hits of all time.

August Lineup: Summer Vibes Continue

August 7, 2024: Summer Songs; Classic Rock Vol. 2 Bask in the sounds of summer and rock out with more classic rock hits.


Banditos Fairfax Singo Bingo